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Flow-generating equipment, such as fans, pumps and compressors, are often used without speed control. Instead, flow is often controlled by throttling, using a valve or damper, so motors run at full speed.

As Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems rarely require maximum flow, a system operating without speed control wastes energy significantly over most of its operating time. Up to 70% of energy can be saved by using Honeywell compact inverters to control motor speeds.

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Benefits of Honeywell SmartDrive HVAC inverters


SmartDrive Compact

A truly compact choice with basic functionality to cover all the needs in basic applications.


An HVAC inverter family suited for all typical HVAC applications.

SmartDrive HVAC

An advanced HVAC inverter family to cover all the needs in HVAC applications. The product range offers several advantages for the user e.g. built-in Bacnet (MS/TP and IP) and Multilanguage text HMI


A flexible multipurpose/industrial inverter suitable for all open-loop applications (without speed feedback from the motor) in both industrial and HVAC applications like: fans, pumps, conveyors, mixers.



The main objective of Honeywell inverter design is to provide solutions which are easy to use and commission, with the focus on reliable system operation. This is easy to achieve with the extremely high quality and smart functionality of Honeywell inverters. Choosing a Honeywell inverter means selecting a product which, after the very easy and fast commissioning, will work in your system without any operational interruptions and help you save the maximum amount of energy.

Power range:

0.37-2.2 kW

in 208-240V 1~in/3~out

0.55-400 kW

in 380-500V 3~

0.75-55 kW

in 208-240V 3~ IT-networks, for Norway

For other voltage levels and powers higher than 400kW, please contact your local Honeywell representative.

Honeywell Inverter Highlights

Easy commissioning and use
  • All Honeywell inverter types are equipped with easy-to-use functionality like: Start Up Wizards, Quick Menus and automatic functions to greatly facilitate operation.
Compact and robust design
  • Honeywell inverters are among the most compact inverters available on the market, especially the IP54 solutions.
  • Solid, rugged products with a smart, modular design guarantee high reliability.
Uninterruptable operation
  • Advanced functionality to make the Inverter adapt to changes in the system and avoid the interruptions: power ride through, over temperature ride through, trip-free output switching, etc.
Advanced functionality
  • Energy-saving mode with flux optimization, integrated PID-controllers, integrated pump cascade controllers, fire override mode, etc.
Low noise
  • Honeywell inverters can provide one of the best solutions for silent motor operation with full power of the inverter.
  • To minimize noise of the product itself, the inverter’s cooling fan can be controlled by the inverter’s temperature.
Flexibility to fulfil any need
  • The most common power and voltage ranges are available as list products presented here. In the case of special needs (e.g., powers higher than 160kW,) please contact your local Honeywell representative.
  • Honeywell inverters include, as a standard, all the hardware and software functionality you need for the flexibility required by most HVAC applications.
  • Whenever something less common is needed, the products can be optimized in the field with easy-to-install options like: input/output options, IP class upgrade kits, special software packages, etc.

Honeywell inverter types, disaggregated by power range and application coverage